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Computer Resources

Below are self paced computer learning tools to help people learn how to use the computer.  Please note we did not create any of these and do not support them.   These are just recommendations.

Multiple Computer Skills

Mouse Basics

Keyboard Skills

Computer Basics

Internet Basics

Office Basics

BC Library Computer Handouts

To read our handouts you will need a PDF reader. Download Adobe Reader here.

Computers 101: Computers are everywhere today: libraries, homes, schools, even in people’s pockets!  Computers are becoming a part of everyday life, even for those who didn’t grow up using them.  This class is targeted for beginning computer users.  It will provide basic instruction on what a computer is, how to use a mouse and keyboard, and about the Windows 7 environment. Download PDF

Internet 101: Confused when it comes to the internet and all the jargon that goes with it?  Come and learn about the internet and World Wide Web.  This class will provide an overview of the internet including searching Google and using the BC Library Website.  Download PDF

Email Basics:  Email has become the most common way that people communicate online.  It is becoming even more popular than regular mail for keeping in touch.  There are many companies that offer free email services.  We will be exploring Google’s Gmail.  This course will cover how to get an email address, how to send an email, replying & forwarding messages, adding attachments, and other features of Gmail. Download PDF

Advanced Email: This handout will cover things using Gmail like how to organize your email, settings, filters, uploading and downloading attachments. Download Handout (PDF)

Word Processing with Microsoft Word: Need to write a letter or a resume?  You’ll most likely be using Microsoft Word.  In this class we will cover things like how to create documents, format and edit text, adjust margins, and save, print, and open files. Download Handout (PDF)

Advanced Word: This handout will cover things like how to create, use, and edit styles, the picture toolbar, headers and footers, and some page layout tools. Download Handout (PDF)

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