Boulder City, NV

Our Staff

Lynn —  Director
Kim —   Assistant Director & Head of Youth Services
Deanna —  Head of Adult Services
Samantha —  Library Technology Specialist
Jessica — Youth Librarian
Anne —  Head of Cataloging
Hillary—  Head of Circulation
Margie —  Circulation Assistant
Becca—  Circulation Assistant
Maureen— Circulation Assistant
Katie— Circulation Assistant
Fran — Circulation Substitute
Chris — Circulation Substitute
Linda — Circulation Substitute
Jill—  Cataloging Assistant
Mary Ann —  Cataloging Assistant
Jodi—  Youth Services Assistant
Mary Lou —  Youth Services Assistant
— Youth Services Assistant
—  Bookkeeper
Michele — Shelver
Austin— Shelver
Jay — Custodian
Robert — Assistant to Custodian

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