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Library Board Minutes for September 2012


September 19, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Amy Carvalho, Gary Berger, and Beth Molburg.  Also present Library Director Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Adult Services Librarian Deanna Duffy, staff members Samantha Evangelho, Mary Ann Venghaus, and Stanna Musick.

The regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairman Amy Carvalho.


II. CONSENT AGENDA: Matters considered routine by the Board of Trustees and which may be enacted in one motion. Any item, however, may be discussed separately per Board member request. Any exceptions to the Consent Agenda must be stated prior to approval.

Beth Molburg moved, and Gary Berger seconded approval of the Consent Agenda, the minutes of the regular meeting on August 22, $17,900.96 in vouchers for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting, $3,368.97 in checkbook expenses for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting. Motion carried.




III. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

No comments at this time.


1. Lynn handed out change pages for the bills and monthly financial report.  There were no other additions or changes.

2. Amy asked if auditor Martha Ford would be able to come to a meeting.  Lynn said that Martha agrees with what Mary-Ann Miller said at the last meeting, and that because there are now pools of money set aside for paying off staff sick leave, comp time, and vacation time these are no longer unfunded.  They are now partially funded.  Beth said that she now understands better how the unfunded liabilities happened and she’s more comfortable with the progress that has been made.  She thinks it’s being addressed as best as it can be, after the fact, and feels better about it.

3. Amy asked about the radio advertising for the Summer Reading Program that was listed in the bills.  Lynn was approached by LVCCLD and HDPL about this and thought it was worth a try.  She said that she heard comments from two people who heard the ad but she’s not sure that station is listened to enough to make it worthwhile.  She has used radio ads before in places where there were fewer stations, so it was easier to figure out what stations to try.  Beth thinks word of mouth is probably the best advertising, but she likes the magazine article and the newspaper listings.


1. Report from the Policy Committee (Report, Discussion) – Gary Berger

Gary reported that the bulk of their last meeting was spent discussing Ms Miller’s comments at the last meeting. Not everyone had been at the meeting and knew what she’d said,  and they felt making sure everyone knew what was said was important. Gary hopes to have more to report next month.

Amy said that she does not have legal questions, but she has ideas on where she would like to see the policies go. Gary is willing to change the committee’s priorities to address policy items that other board members would like to see done first. Gary said they started working a couple of specific sections, and that they are focusing on things related to money first.

Beth thinks it would be interesting to know what the other libraries in the area are doing. Gary pointed out that they are trying to look out for both the library and the employees.

Amy wants to see to see time given for holidays and comp time for extra hours worked to be separated.

Gary pointed out that there is a backlog of time on the books that eventually has to be paid out in money. He said that part of what they are looking at is that staff would still be paid for time worked over scheduled hours and holidays, but not in time. That staff receive money for those hours in that time period.

Lynn pointed out that we are not required to pay anyone for time that is not worked. Legally holidays don’t have to be paid. She suggests that rather than use the term holiday, those days be referred to as days closed, and that employees who would normally work those days still be paid.

Gary stated that they can not please everyone, staff and board, the policy committee meetings are once a month on Thursdays, and that any of the staff are welcome to come.

Beth and Amy both said they are trying to make things legal, fair and equitable.

Gary said that what they have needs to be checked for compliance with Ms Miller’s opinion, and with the board’s intentions.

2. Discussion of Patron Complaint. (Action possible) – Beth Molburg and Amy Carvalho

Gary objected to this item being on the agenda.  There was discussion, and the item was pulled from the agenda.

3. Discussion of Library Director Evaluation (Discussion, Action Required) – Amy Carvalho

Amy sent Lynn the evaluation information.  It is the same form as last year.  Amy apologized for not leading the board in coming up with a new job description.  She also said that Valerie had asked for the trustees to meet with staff again.  There was a short discussion about the logistics of those meetings.

Amy asked Gary if would compile the evaluations this year, he agreed.  Amy wants everyone to have the information to Gary by October 10th so that he can have it ready for the October meeting.

VI. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

Stanna spoke about dealing with upset patrons, that when staff have problems with patrons they are sent to Lynn.  When Lynn can not settle the patron, then they are sent to Amy.  Stanna thinks the answer should be, bring your complaint to the board.  And that if the patron is not willing to bring the complaint to the board, then it should be dropped.

Amy said that she thinks most of the time, angry patrons just want someone to listen to them.

Samantha talked about the policies and the abuse we take from patrons.  That it is not the policies that are the problem, the problem is patrons who are unreasonable.

Deanna reminded the board that the third Wednesday in November is the day before Thanksgiving.  There was discussion about changing the date and time of that meeting with only a consent agenda for the purposes of paying bills.  The board agreed on Wednesday, November 14th at 5pm.


Lynn wanted to clear up any rumors that might be going around.  She heard about a job open at LVCCLD.  She looked it over and decided that she would not be happy with it.  She just wanted the board to know that she is not job hunting, she just saw a carrot and looked at it.

VIII. ADJOURNMENT: Amy Carvalho adjourned the meeting at 8:58.





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