Boulder City, NV

Library Board Minutes for May 2012


Boulder City Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Date:  Thursday, May 17, 2012

Place:  Boulder City Library, 701 Adams Blvd., Boulder City, NV, Board Room

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Amy Carvalho at 7:08 pm following the Public Hearing to review the Proposed Library Budget for the Fiscal Year 2012-13.

Present:  Trustees: Gary Berger, Amy Carvalho, Valerie McNay, Ed Berger, and Beth Molberg.  Library Director Lynn Schofield-Dahl.   Staff member and Member of the public Deanna Duffy joined near the end of the meeting.

CONSENT AGENDA:    Lynn Distributed Change Pages for the Monthly Bills and the Year To Day Financial Status.  Gary Berger Moved and Valerie McNay seconded the adoption of the Consent Agenda.  Motion Passed.

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION 1:   No Members of the Public were present at this time.  Gary asked if other Board Members felt we should be doing more to encourage Citizen Participation at the meetings.  Discussion followed.  Beth pointed out that patrons do seem to come to the meetings when they have concerns, but she feels that we have enough outgoing communication that there are not as many questions as there might otherwise be.  Valerie thought that perhaps many of the Publics’ questions had been answered when we took the Vote Forward about the Land Purchase from the City.   Lynn said that low citizen participation at Library Board Meetings seemed to be normal everywhere she has worked UNLESS someone had something to complain about.

STAFF REPORTS:  Lynn had no additions to make to her distributed report but offered to answer any questions that Board Members may have.  Amy asked if we had received the grant funds from the state.  Lynn assured here that we had the money in the bank and that a subscription to the OneClickAudio Database had been purchased, along with the Universal Classes Database with the State Grand-In Aid funds.  Amy also offered a thank-you to the Rotary Club of Boulder City for the funds for our Books to Film Program. (Additional Note: In June, the Rotary Club received a “Literacy Excellence Award” for funding this project.) Valerie offered a thank-you to Elaine Wynn for the donation of tickets for LeReve for our Adult Summer Reading Program.  The Amphitheatre schedule was discussed.  Beth asked if Lynn was still looking for assistance in supervising the Movie of the Month Program at 1 pm on June 23rd and said she may be able to help.  (Note:  Lynn is still looking for help.)


1.  Approval of Budget FY12-13 (Action Required) – Lynn Schofield-Dahl
There was a discussion of the budget.  Lynn pointed out that the levy for the General Fund was being raised for the first time in 12 years, but that the new levy rate still would leave us in the middle of the allowable range for that levy.  The increase does not include funds for new staff positions, but does cover additional staff hours and the funds to bring all positions to the correct place on the new wage table.  The new Wage table reflects changes in the positions with the new Organizational Chart.    Beth asked about the Postage allowance.  Lynn explained that our primary use for postage was for sending out overdue notices and that we are getting more aggressive with patrons concerning overdue materials and would be sending out more mailings, more frequently and that we would move on to sending the more expensive Certified notices sooner than we had previously.  Amy asked Lynn to explain the purpose of the severance package funds and to further discuss the Reorganization of the staff.  Lynn explained that the Severance Package funds were there to allow her to both pay-out employees for vacation time, comp time, etc, and still be able to hire a replacement for an employee who was leaving without having to wait.  Also, the funds Lynn is putting aside for the Catastrophic Leave Fund is to allow for people to actually tap-into the hours because that while the Policy has been listed in the Policy Manual for years, there was never any funds actually put aside to support that practice.  Lynn also explained that with the new organization of the staff, many people were taking on additional responsibilities and she felt that the pay table needed to be updated to reflect those changes.       Amy also asked if the figures concerning our tax revenues were final, and Lynn assured her that those numbers were final according to both Clark County and the Nevada Department of Taxation.  For the Debt Service Levy, the increase will allow us to stay at least 1 full payment ahead of our scheduled payments.   Ed asked for more information on the Catastrophic Leave Policy and Lynn explained that the Committee is working on that policy because the current policy is very vague.

Gary Berger moved and Ed Barrow seconded that the Board Accept the Budget for the Fiscal Year 2012-13.  The Motion Passed.  The documents were passed around the table for each of the board members to sign.

2.  Report from the Policy Committee  (Report, Discussion) – Gary Berger
Gary Berger reported that at the last Board Meeting, the members were provided with a document to be reviewed so we could discuss and hopefully approve at this meeting.  While a lengthy discussion concerning the document followed, no official actions were taken.   There were some suggestions for word and phrase changes.  There were also concerns voiced about the Sick Leave Policies, Vacation Policies, Catastrophic Leave Policies and more.  The Policy Committee will re-visit these issues.  Specific notes will be reflected in the revised Policy Document.

Amy also raised the questions regarding the use of Overtime and Comp Time based on NAC 608.125.  The work on those Policies will be tabled until more information can be gathered.

Policies suggested for inclusion in the document:

-Sexual Harassment Policies

-Substance Abuse Policies

-Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

-Safety Policies (Gary agreed to work on)

-Dress Code

-Progressive Discipline

3.  Approval of Library Parcel Boundaries  (Action Required) –Lynn Schofield-Dahl

Lynn provided Board Members with a map showing the current parcel outline, and the proposed outline, explaining that both outlines contained the same acreage.  The purpose for this change is to give the library the land on the back-side of the building that could eventually be developed for parking.  Discussion followed.

Beth Molberg moved and Valerie McNay seconded that the Library Board Approve the Proposed Parcel Boundaries.  The Motion Passed.


Speaking as a member of the public, Deanna Duffy suggested that Board members who took issue with parts of the new Policy Document should write out their proposed changes to the document.


-Memorial Day Weekend Staff & Board BBQ at the Berger home.

-Next meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 7 pm.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.


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