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Library Board Minutes for March 2013


February 20, 2013


MEMBERS PRESENT: Amy Carvalho, Gary Berger, Valerie McNay and Beth Molburg. Citizens Present were Dina Wawers, Kerry Ahern, and Richard Loudin. Also present: Library Director Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Adult Services Librarian Deanna Duffy, staff members Mary Ann Venghaus and Carolyn Rehder. Amy Carvalho absence was excused


The regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Chairman Amy Carvalho.




II. CONSENT AGENDA: Matters considered routine by the Board of Trustees and which may be enacted in one motion. Any item, however, may be discussed separately per Board member request. Any exceptions to the Consent Agenda must be stated prior to approval.


Lynn distributed change pages for the financial information that incorporates changes since last week and other additional information for the meeting.


Amy requested a change to the agenda. She requested that Candidate Introductions be moved from Report/Discussion/Action Possible item 1 to just after Citizen Participation I.

Beth Molburg moved to accept, with that change, and Gary Berger seconded approval of the Consent Agenda, the minutes of the regular meeting on February 20th, $22,840.28, in vouchers for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting, $413.62 in checkbook expenses for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting. Motion carried.






III. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

Carolyn Rehder spoke about the 70th anniversary and comp time.


Carolyn Rehder agreed with Mary Ann Venghaus’ comment from the previous month’s minutes that it seems a little wasteful to do a 70th anniversary now, and a 75th anniversary in a few years. She also said that as far as marketing and getting the community to accept and support us, she thinks our customer service does that.


Carolyn talked about the things people receive when they get a library card, including a magnet with the hours, a brochure of information and a plastic library bag. She suggested that we wait until the 75th anniversary and do a better celebration. She also suggested giving away things such as a cloth book bag, a calendar, or a cookbook.


Carolyn also talked about comp time. In the past it was very little oversight, but that has been corrected. There are three ways to earn comp time, covering for someone, holidays, and sick leave. Lynn is controlling the amount that people cover for each other, but the current policies on holidays and sick leave still generate comp time. One of the things people do to earn comp time is to sign up for summer Sundays and holidays. When the library is closed someone has to come in those days and empty the book drop and pull books to send to other libraries. Carolyn is looking at ways to cut down the amount of time people spend doing this, but the book drop will always need to be emptied at the very least.


Beth commented that comp time is an area of concern to her and she appreciates Carolyn’s information. She sees that comp time is working here and she would like to get to a place where she can embrace that.


Trustee Recruitment: Candidate Introductions.


Valerie announced that she had written a letter to our County Commissioner asking to be reappointed. There are board projects that she wants to finish up and the board has been very supportive of her schedule.


Amy and Valerie explained that the County Commission appoints the board members, but that the board does get to make recommendations to her.


Lynn announced that Rose Ann Miele had withdrawn her name from consideration.


Dina Wawers, Kerry Ahearn and Richard Loudin all introduced themselves and spoke a little about their backgrounds.


Gary asked everyone to talk about censorship and they each spoke briefly about it.


Lynn pointed out that the trustees are giving a Nevada trustees handbook containing the Nevada rules, and said that the board does trustee training as time allows. The Nevada Library Association will be doing more trustee training, and ALA’s annual meeting will be in Las Vegas in the summer of 2014 and trustees will be able to attend that as well.


Beth talked about a book challenge a few years ago. She said that everyone took it seriously and discussed it. The board was unified in it’s decision and were comfortable with the result.


Amy asked if anyone had any restrictions on their attendance, such as times they would be out of town for long periods. There were none.



1. Policy Committee Report (Gary Berger) –

Gary said that he’s received no comments from anyone about the underlined sections of the personnel policy that were not approved last month.


Beth talked about comp time again. That while she does not like it, in talking with people and getting more information, she realizes that it is something that works and is being managed. She would simply like to see more control, structure, and limitations.


Gary pointed out that this is, approximately the fifth board meeting where the same conversation has occurred, and that the wording was approved last month. He was corrected. This section is underlined and therefore was not approved last month.


Lynn pointed out that there are more limitations and it is capped at 60 hours per person and must be used within a year.


Gary said that the policy committee is addressing the problems of the current policy. He said that for many years the library was run on the ‘good ole boy’ network and that changes are being made to put structure in place. He stressed that they are not trying to punish anyone or treat anyone unfairly, but want to create something that will create structure that can still work in 10 years.


Lynn explained, for Kerry and Dina, that the board is in the process of updating the library’s policies. The public policies are done, and now the board is working on personnel policies.


Valerie talked about writing the policies so that they know how decisions will be made. They will not solve all problems, but they will give guidelines. This is not a democracy and the staff does not get to vote on the personnel policies.


Lynn asked for comments on the other underlined sections. Everyone was fine with those.


The policy committed will go back to the underlined section in comp time and work on the wording while keeping the idea.


2. Anniversary Committee Report (Lynn Schofield-Dahl)

Lynn said that the committee would like to change their name to PR/Marketing Committee rather than Anniversary Committee. They feel this will better represent their task.


They have circulated information about the library’s poster contest for kids, and said that the posters will be used for a display in November. Any kid that turns in a submission will receive a prize.


Amy asked if the committee was going to make a decision about doing a 70th anniversary versus waiting. Lynn pointed out that the 70th was already agreed to and voted on months ago.


Beth looked at the budget and does see that the majority of the things being planned are things that can be tied into the anniversary. She did ask about the new library cards. These would be given to people who get new cards or buy replacement cards. Carolyn said that we have about 6 years worth of the current library cards in storage. Lynn also pointed out that those cards came from other libraries in the state and were free to us. New library cards are in the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.


Lynn talked about public relations and marketing, and getting more people to come in is a goal that she has been challenged with. She and Gary both talked about running into people around town who say they have never been in this building, in the 11 years we have been here. Lynn is trying to bring new people in.


Beth stated that she thinks what Lynn has done to market the library is nothing short of outstanding and that Lynn has exceeded her expectations in marketing. Amy appreciates Lynn listening to what the board has to say and trying to incorporate that input.


3. Director’s Report

Lynn previously distributed change pages for the financial information and Jessica Jones’ report from the NV Reads conference.


We have received 30 applications for the open position and that closes on Monday.


Valerie commented on the roof.


Lynn reported that she has received the first bid to demolish the cottage behind us. That bid is just over $20,000 and that money is available in the capital improvement funds. Amy asked if that was something the board needed to approve. Lynn said they could if they would like to. Amy would at least like to see the bids; Lynn will email the bids to the board when they come in.



1. Trustee Recruitment – Discussion – Action Possible (Lynn Schofield-Dahl)


Candidate introductions were moved up in the agenda. Gary Berger moved to table this item to a more appropriate time. Valerie McNay seconded. Motion carried.


2. Library Director Job Description – Discussion – Action Possible (Amy Carvalho)

Lynn explained for the audience that since she has been here, she has been working under a draft job description. She wrote up a proposed job description that covers what she does, what she knows other directors do, and things she has done in the past.


Gary asked if the intent was to edit it tonight. Beth asked if they could take it home and look at it. That was supposed to be done last month so that they would be ready to discuss it tonight.


Amy asked for everyone to look it over and be ready to talk about it next month and that if they are not going to be at the next meeting to please email their comments so that they are represented.


3. FY1314 Budget Proposal – Discussion (Lynn Schofield-Dahl)

Lynn explained the color pages in the budget printouts. She also announced that she does not have estimated revenue numbers from the state yet because the county has asked for and been granted an extension. The county must have those numbers to the state at the end of the month, so Lynn is expecting to get revenue estimates from the state in early April.


The current budget draft includes at 3% increase which will not require raising the tax levy. Gary asked where that money would come from; Lynn explained that it would be from an increase in the tax revenue.


There was discussion about the budget in general and a note that while we are 65% of the way through the current fiscal year we have spent less than 65% of the budget.


Lynn reminded everyone that next month’s meeting will be on April 10th to accommodate the state deadline for the proposed budget.


Amy said Gary was right about something.


4. Selection of Auditor for FY12/13 Fiscal Audit – Discussion – Action Required (Lynn Schofield-Dahl)

Lynn reported that she sent RFPs to three groups and that only PBTK had responded. Their price is the same as it has been for the last three years.


Beth commented on the quality of service we get from PBTK. And Lynn commented on their responsiveness to board concerns and requests.


Gary Berger moved to accept PBTK as our auditor for FY12/13. Valerie McNay seconded. Motion carried.


VI. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.


Dina Wawers said that she’s glad someone has been doing something about the comp time problem. She thinks it is a big undertaking and is glad that it is being looked at.


There was discussion about holidays in relation to comp time and Lynn pointed out that she is managing the library for the needs of the library, not for the schedule of the staff.


Dina thinks Lynn has done a great job and she’s seen huge improvements in the children’s department and in programming. She has been in many of the LVCCLD libraries and commented on their lack of personal service.


Lynn commented that it is easier for a library our size to be more personable and know our patrons.



April meeting will be on April 10th


Gary said the 3rd annual BBQ at his house will be the second Saturday in May. That is the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend.


VIII. ADJOURNMENT: Amy Carvalho adjourned the meeting at 8:46 pm.

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