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Book Purse Supply List

BOOK PURSE SUPPLIES to bring with you:
(Please read through the whole list before going shopping.  Tips are included)

-Book with pages removed – Choose a favorite book or subject.  Something with a nice cover*
-1 Piece of thin Poster Board – Cut same size as book cover opened flat
-1 bottle Fabric Glue (Suggested-Fabri-Tac.  It is strong and dries quickly.)
-Fabric – for liner  same size as poster board + 2 inches to all 4 sides
-Fabric for side gussets – 2 strips of fabric each as tall as the book is wide (from spine to right edge) and as wide as the book is thick (more pages = thicker) + 2 inches on each of the long edges.  Wider if you want the purse wider at the top than at the bottom.
-Fabric – For Phone Pocket (optional) 6”x6” square (I suggest at least 1 yard of fabric total)
-1 yard Grosgrain Ribbon (pronounced  Grow-Gain)
***Think about the fabric & ribbon.  Do you want it to be complimentary to the book cover?  Do you want it to match?   Heavy cotton fabric would be good.  Soft, pliable upholstery fabric will have a richer look.  Don’t get anything too stiff.  It will be hard to work with.  Nothing with a loose weave like burlap because it will unravel.
-Thread to match fabric
-1 hand-sewing needle (or sewing machine if you have a portable one)
-1 large decorative bead or button for closure
-4 d-rings (if they don’t come with the handle)
-Ready-made Purse handle- wood, plastic, beaded… sold at most craft stores such as Michaels, Joanns,
and Hobby Lobby.  You can also find excellent handles on purses at thrift-shops.


-LARGE binder-clips (minimum 1.3”) to help hold lining in place while glue dries.  May also use clothes pins if you have them.
*If you have a book with a plain cover, you can make it fancier by decoupaging pictures or pages from the body of the book, or even by adding the paper book cover.  Decoupaging is also a good idea to protect the cover of older books.  To do this, you will need:
-1 small-medium jar Modpodge  (or a mixture of 75% White Glue + 25% water)
-1 sponge brush
-Pictures, pages or paper cover of book


Do you want this purse to be useable?  Then think of the size of purse you normally carry, and try to match the book to that size.  I prefer using larger “Art Books” because I like a sturdy purse with room for my wallet.   Choose a book on a subject, or a book by a favorite author, something that means something to you or to the person for whom you may be making the book.

Most of these supplies will be available at local craft stores.  Binder-clips are available at most office supply stores.

Don’t worry about tearing up a book.  It is okay!  You are recycling and keeping a book out of the landfill!

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