Library Board Minutes for September 2013


September 18, 2013


MEMBERS PRESENT: Amy Carvalho, Gary Berger, Valerie McNay and Kerry Ahern.  Also present  Library Director Lynn Schofield-Dahl, and Adult Services Librarian Deanna Duffy.

The regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairman Gary Berger.


II. CONSENT AGENDA: Matters considered routine by the Board of Trustees and which may be enacted in one motion. Any item, however, may be discussed separately per Board member request. Any exceptions to the Consent Agenda must be stated prior to approval.

Valerie McNay moved to accept, with that change, and Amy Carvalho seconded approval of the Consent Agenda, the minutes of the regular meeting on July 31, $26,439.01, in vouchers for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting, $693.42 in checkbook expenses for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting. Motion carried.




III. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

None present.


1. Policy Committee Report (Gary Berger) –

The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night, so Gary does not have anything to report yet.  They are about 50% of the way through the policies that they need to produce.  The remainder of the policy document is boiler plate information that just needs to be inserted, Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read, etc.

2.  PR/Marketing Committee Report (Lynn Schofield-Dahl)

The 70th Anniversary party will be Saturday from 12-3.  There will be prizes and games, and cake.  No VIPs have RSVP’d yet.

Lynn announced that we have now given out about 80 of the bags for new library card sign ups/card renewals.  Lynn does have more goodies to go out in the next few months.

3.  Director’s Report

Lynn gave the board a quick update on the status of employee Anne Karr’s husband. There is a concert Saturday night, but Lynn has still not found out what it is.

The main update is that Samantha has found a way to make PC Reservations printing software give her printing reports.  This information will be helpful in trying to find an appropriate replacement printer.  The current public printer is dying and will need to be replaced soon.

Valerie commented that she is glad our website has information about the Affordable Care Act.  Lynn reported that the people from Nevada CARES will be in about every other Friday from October through February to help people navigate the Affordable Care Act choices.

Valerie also asked about children’s programming in the evenings.  Lynn said that it is something they have tried and that there should be an increase in the evening offerings in January after Jessica Jones changes to full time.

Valerie also commented about the low attendance for the Movie of the Month which lead into discussion about why people might not be coming and things to look at in the future that might help.


1. Discussion of Attendance Policy for Library Board.  Action Possible (Gary Berger)

The board discussed creating a definition of unexcused absence.  Lynn wrote herself a note to check with the county and see if they have one.  Gary wondered if the board could create it’s own definition.

However, Lynn thinks that the number of meetings missed is more important than why the meetings were missed.  Kerry had previously distributed a proposed by-law change that did have this focus.

“Board attendance is important to productive meetings.  If a Board member has been unable to attend 3 meetings within a 6 month period, the Board member will be contacted by the Chair or designee to reconsider their commitment to serving on the Board.”

Gary asked, if the by-laws are changed, should that change be retroactive.  Group consensus was no.

Lynn also pointed out that making a change to the by-laws requires that board members be notified by mail prior to the meeting.  Lynn suggested using certified mail to confirm that the notice is received.

Discussion then moved to allowing board members to attend by telephone or other electronic means.  The intent would be that members attend in person as much as possible, but to allow an alternative when physical attendance is not possible.  There would be restrictions on the number of times it could be done and that it must be preapproved.

VI. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

None present.


1.  Policy Committee Meeting, Thu, Sept 19  5 pm
2.  Library Celebration, Sat., Sept. 21, 12-3 pm
3.  Amphitheatre Concert, Sat, Sept. 21  (Lynn)
4.  Staff Development Day, Thu., Oct. 3
5.  Board Meeting, Wed., Oct. 16, 7 pm

Gary announced that he would like to streamline the meetings and have fewer rehashings of discussion topics.  He thinks meetings should run until about 9pm including trustee training.  This is not a set time limit, just a goal.

VIII. Trustee Training

Gary would like to skip this month’s trustee training.  Instead there is a set of dvds with training videos that will circulate among the board over the next month.  The goal is to discuss the videos then.

There was also discussion about a Trustee Training webinar link that Lynn provided in email that is about advocacy to the public.  The board is encouraged to watch it on their own.

IX. ADJOURNMENT: Gary Berger adjourned the meeting at 8:18 pm.


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