Library Board Minutes for November 2013


November 20, 2013

MEMBERS PRESENT: Gary Berger, Valerie McNay and Kerry Ahern. Amy Carvalho arrived late.  Also present Library Director Lynn Schofield-Dahl, and Adult Services Librarian Deanna Duffy.

The regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Gary Berger.


II. CONSENT AGENDA: Matters considered routine by the Board of Trustees and which may be enacted in one motion. Any item, however, may be discussed separately per Board member request. Any exceptions to the Consent Agenda must be stated prior to approval.

Lynn distributed change pages for the bills and financial information.

Valerie McNay moved to approve, and Kerry Ahern seconded approval of the Consent Agenda, the minutes of the regular meeting on October 16, $27,755.82, in vouchers for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting, $560.39 in checkbook expenses for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting. Motion carried.




III. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

None present.


1. Policy Committee Report (Gary Berger) –

There is nothing to report on the Bylaws discussion because the Policy Committee has been focused on the amphitheater.  Gary commended Kerry on getting answers so quickly.  The committee has made good progress, but haven’t finished.  They are meeting every two weeks now instead of once a month, while they work on the amphitheater policies.  The next meeting is Monday Nov. 25th from 5-7pm.

2.  PR/Marketing Committee Report (Lynn Schofield-Dahl)

They have not met.  Lynn reported that a lot of people have been asking about the logo design contest, but only one entry has been turned in.

3.  Director’s Report

The monthly written report was just distributed along with the financial change pages.  Kerry asked for more information about the discussions with Cox over internet access.  Lynn wants to split patron and staff internet through separate routers for increased security and speed.  Cox does not have cable running into our building, and that was one of the things that increased that bid.  Lynn is checking with CenturyLink to see what they offer.  Our contract with them ends in the next year, so it could be a good time to negotiate with them.

There were questions about Zinio and HeritageQuest.  Zinio is online digital magazines and HeritageQuest is genealogical/census information.


1. Vote concerning possible amendment to Library Board Bylaws.  Action Possible (Gary Berger)

Multiple attempts to contact our county commissioner have still not resulted in any answers.  The board wants to know if, since the board is appointed by the county, are there rules in place that can be used.  Gary talked to a previous board member today who thought there was something in the bylaws that could be useful.  He also suggested that Gary talk to retired, long-time Boulder City Library Director Duncan McCoy.  Duncan agreed that he thought there was something in the bylaws already about attendance.  Gary also shared with Duncan the lack of communication from our county commissioner.  Duncan and our county commissioner will both be at a meeting tomorrow and he will talk to her about it them.

Discussion then moved to whether or not the board can have someone removed using the county’s unexcused absence policy.  The problem, again, is the lack of definition from the county for unexcused absence.  The absences were notified ahead of time.

Discussion them moved to how to word a request for someone to resign due to absences.

Valerie McNay move to accept the bylaw change as presented.

Board attendance is important to productive meetings. If a Board member has been unable to attend 3 meetings within a 6 month period, the Board member will be contacted by the Chair or designee to reconsider their commitment to serving on the board. With prior approval from chair of designee, board members may officially participate/attend board meetings via conference call or virtually via simple video communications program. In-person board attendance is preferred but if not possible, board members can use the above stated alternative means with pre-approval on a limited basis, 3 times per fiscal year.

Kerry Ahern seconded.  Motion carried.

2. Library Director’s Evaluation.  Action Possible (Gary Berger)

Lynn sent her self evaluation to the board.  The board members brought their evaluations, and Gary brought in a printout of Beth’s evaluation that she emailed to him.  The board read off their scores and comments, and Gary consolidated them.  He will tabulate the scores to present at the next meeting.  Any suggestions for new goals for Lynn needs to email them to Gary at least a week before the December meeting.  The final version of the evaluation will then be ready for approval at the December meeting.

There was a brief discussion of how raises are done for the director, however most board members believe that discussion needs to be separate from the evaluation.

VI. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

None present.


1.  Policy Committee Meeting, Nov. 25th 5pm.
2.  Board Meeting, Wed., December 18, 7 pm Audit presentation

VIII. ADJOURNMENT: Gary Berger adjourned the meeting at 8:34 pm.


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