Library Board Minutes for March 2014


March 19, 2014

MEMBERS PRESENT: Gary Berger, Valerie McNay, Kerry Ahearn, and Jeff Breeden. Also present Library Director Lynn Schofield-Dahl, and Adult Services Librarian Deanna Duffy.

The regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Chairman Gary Berger.

I. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Lynn Schofield-Dahl

II. CONSENT AGENDA: Matters considered routine by the Board of Trustees and which may be enacted in one motion. Any item, however, may be discussed separately per Board member request. Any exceptions to the Consent Agenda must be stated prior to approval.

Lynn distributed change pages for the bills and financial information.

Valerie McNay moved to approve, and Kerry Ahearn seconded approval of the Consent Agenda, the minutes of the regular meeting on February 19, $28,286.64, in vouchers for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting, $1,924.96 in checkbook expenses for the previous month, submitted prior to and at the meeting. Motion carried.




III. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

Gary was approached by someone who is interested in an appointment to the board. She was unable to attend tonight.


1. Policy Committee Report (Gary Berger) –

Jeff pointed out that, in the amphitheater policy and application, requiring non-profit groups to provide a copy of their 501c3 certification is overly restrictive. There are other classifications of non-profit groups, and many groups do not have access to this form. There discussion about changing the wording to simply require non-profit groups to provide proof of their non-profit status.

The next policy meeting will be Monday, March 24th at 1pm.

Gary said that he thinks the policy committee is working out well. He also mentioned that there have been some changes in the staff portion of the committee. Carolyn has left the group and Samantha is replacing her. Samantha’s experiences are with academic and public libraries, and that academic experience will add another perspective.

2. PR/Marketing Committee Report (Lynn Schofield-Dahl) –

Lynn announced that Duffy Hudson will be back on Saturday, April 12th at 1pm performing a one man show as George Burns.

Lynn distributed new promotional stylus/pens to the board members who did not already have one.

Lynn mentioned that in the past there has not been a PR/promotional budget, so these things have come out of the small programs and misc. line of funding. In the budget for the coming fiscal year, she has increased this line item to cover promotions and advertising.

March 28th at 6pm is the Winter Reading Program Mystery Finale after-hours murder mystery.

3. Director’s Report (Lynn Schofield-Dahl) –

Lynn added a couple of updates. She has received bids for lawn care, water treatment, pest control and pigeon control.

Lawn care will stay with Energetic. Water treatment is going to Chemtreat. They’ll be testing the water pipes, sprinklers, water quality, and pressure, etc. Pest control will be going to Anderson Pest Control, and they’ll do live trapping and relocation of the pigeons.

The board reported that they liked the reports from the department heads.

Lynn had asked, in her report, for feedback on adult programming. Most of the ensuing discussion focused on where to do more advertising, but they agree that we should keep up adult programming.

Valerie would like to see a survey of the community to find out what they want. There was discussion about the possibility of the board members doing this.

4. Trustee Sign Up for Staff Meet and Greet (Lynn Schofield-Dahl) –

Lynn filled Jeff in on the history of the trustee/staff meetings and their evolution from part of Lynn’s evaluation to a chance for the trustees and staff to get to know each other.


1. Director Job Description – Action Possible (Valerie McNay)

Valerie handed out her new version and there was discussion about the various versions. Gary then asked the board to decide to either table the discussion until next month when the full board would be at the meeting, or to vote on a version.

Valerie McNay moved to table the item until next month.

Kerry asked Lynn to send an email the board listing what she thinks Valerie’s version leaves out. Everyone agreed to send comments on the two documents to Lynn by Friday, April 18th.

2. Personnel Policies – Action Possible (Gary Berger)

Jeff asked some questions about the impact of adopting these policies. There was discussion about how to adopt them without eliminating the entire current personnel policies. There was concern about vacation time, comp time, sick leave and such that have not yet been addressed by the policy committee.

Valerie McNay moved to adopt the Boulder City Library personnel policy pages 1-19. Anything included in these pages supersedes all previous policies, while retaining the previous unamended policies. Kerry Ahearn seconded. Motion carried.

3. Amphitheater Policies – (Gary Berger)

What is presented for discussion is an updated and improved version of what the city operated under. Gary would like to see it approved with, with the previously discussed amendment regarding proof of non-profit status rather than the specific wording requiring proof of 501c3 status.

Valerie McNay moved to accept the Amphitheater Policies with the previously mentioned change. Jeff Breeden seconded. Motion carried.

4. Appointment of Auditor for FY 13-14 Fiscal Audit – (Lynn Schofield-Dahl)

There was only one bid this year, PBTK. There was discussion about the problems encountered last year, but there is a willingness to work with them again. This decision must be made by the end of the month.

Valerie McNay moved to accept the bid from PBTK. Kerry Ahearn seconded. Motion carried. Jeff Breeden abstained.

5. Program Fee Policy Discussion – (Kerry Ahearn & Gary Berger)

This discussion came from the policy committee and from the disappointing lack of attendance at adult programs. Patrons are signing up for programs and not showing up for them. The suggestion from the policy committee is to charge a 100% refundable deposit at the time reservations are made. If you do not contact us to cancel, and do not show up, then you lose the deposit. There was also discussion about requiring patrons to register in person because it shows more commitment.

The board is in favor of doing this, and it will be handled as a procedural issue.

VII. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Items raised under this portion of the Agenda cannot be acted upon until notice provisions of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law have been completed. Therefore, any action on such items must be considered at a later meeting.

None present.


1.  Board meeting: Wednesday, April 23rd at 7pm

IX. ADJOURNMENT: Gary Berger adjourned the meeting at 8:52 pm.


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