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Gary Berger
Member 5/13-5/17
Not eligible for reappointment.



Valerie McNay
Member 5/13-5/117
Not eligible for reappointment.

Jeff Breeden
Member 5/14-5/18
Eligible for reappointment.

Marita Rhinehart
Member 3/16-5-18
Eligible for reappointment.

Board Member Opening

The governance of a Nevada Public Library District is ruled by Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 379. More information about serving as a
Public Library Trustee can be found in the Nevada Public Trustee Manual at:

Applications for the Board of Trustees of the Boulder City Library District are available at the Reference Desk of the Boulder City Library. To be considered for the board, interested candidates may return the application:

1.  To a Trustee of the Boulder City Library District at a Library Meeting,
2.  To the Director of the Boulder City Library District, or
3.  By following the directions at the bottom of the application.

Application for Library Board

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Computer Lab

The Computer Lab shuts down 15 minutes before the library closes.

Wireless Internet

We have wireless internet and wireless printing. Please stop at the Reference Desk for more information. Wireless internet shuts down 10 minutes before closing.

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