A Fan of Downton Abbey? Try some of these books & DVDS!

DowntonAbbey1The new season of Downton Abbey is right around the corner. While you wait for Jan. 5th to come, check out some of these read and watch-alikes.


TitleAuthor First NameAuthor Last NameLocation 1Location 2
Tale of Oat Cake CragSusan WittigAlbertMystery
Allingham minibusMargeryAllinghamMystery
Heirs and gracesRhysBowenMcN Mystery
Her royal spynessRhysBowenLP Mystery
Royal painRhysBowenLP Mystery
Hasty deathMarionChesneyMysteryLP Mystery
Our lady of painMarionChesneyLP Mystery
Sick of shadowsMarionChesneyMysteryLP Mystery
Snobbery with violenceMarionChesneyMysteryLP Mystery
At Bertram's HotelAgathaChristieMystery
Body in the libraryAgathaChristieMysteryLP Mystery
Caribbean mysteryAgathaChristieMysteryLP Mystery
Invincible Miss MarpleAgathaChristieLP Mystery
Mirror crack'dAgathaChristieMystery
Miss Marple : the complete short storiesAgathaChristieMysteryLP Mystery
Moving fingerAgathaChristieMystery
Murder at the vicarageAgathaChristieMystery
Murder is announcedAgathaChristieMysteryLP Mystery
Murder with mirrorsAgathaChristieMystery
NemesisAgathaChristieMysteryLP Mystery
Pocket full of ryeAgathaChristieMystery
Sleeping murderAgathaChristieMysteryLP Mystery
What Mrs. McGillicuddy saw!AgathaChristieMysteryLP Mystery
Pride and AvariceNicholasColeridgeFiction
Adventures and the memoirs of Sherlock HolmesSir ConanDoyleYA Fiction
Adventures of Sherlock HolmesSir ConanDoyleLP Mystery
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ; The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes ; The return of Sherlock Holmes ; The hound of the Baskervilles ; A study in scarlet ; The sign of four ; The adventure of Wisteria Lodge ; The adventure of the Bruce-Partington plansSir ConanDoyleMystery
Boys' Sherlock HolmesSir ConanDoyleJ Fiction
Complete Sherlock HolmesSir ConanDoyleMystery
Further adventures of Sherlock HolmesSir ConanDoyleFiction
Original illustrated Sherlock Holmes : 37 short stories plus a complete novelSir ConanDoyleMystery
Return of Sherlock HolmesSir ConanDoyleLP Mystery
Sherlock Holmes investigates : storiesSir ConanDoyleYA Fiction
Study in scarlet ; The hound of the BaskervillesSir ConanDoyleFiction
Anthem for doomed youthCarolaDunnMystery
Black shipCarolaDunnMystery
Bloody towerCarolaDunnLP Mystery
Death at Wentwater CourtCarolaDunnLP Mystery
Fall of a philandererCarolaDunnLP Mystery
Mourning weddingCarolaDunnMysteryLP Mystery
Rattle his bonesCarolaDunnLP Mystery
Sheer follyCarolaDunnLP Mystery
Winter garden mysteryCarolaDunnMystery
Jeeves and the Wedding BellsSebastionFaulksFiction
SnobsJulian FellowesFiction
Shades of Grey: The Road to High SaffronJasperFfordeFictionLP Fiction
Fall of GiantsKenFollett[BK CD] FICTION
Howard's EndE.M.ForsterFiction
In chanceryJohnGalsworthyFiction
Man of propertyJohnGalsworthyFiction
To letJohnGalsworthyFiction
American HeiressDaisyGoodwinFiction
Gone With The WindsorsLaurieGrahamFiction
Death by waterKerryGreenwoodMystery
Farewell to ArmsErnestHemingwayFictionWWI
Flirting with destinySaraHyltonFiction
Remains of the DayKazuoIshiguroFiction
Beekeeper's apprenticeLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
GameLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Garment of shadowsLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
God of the hiveLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Justice HallLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Language of beesLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Letter of MaryLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Locked roomsLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Monstrous regiment of womenLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
MoorLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
O JerusalemLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Pirate kingLaurieKingMysteryLP Mystery
Home from the seaMercedesLackeyFantasy
Phoenix and ashesMercedesLackeyFantasy
Reserved for the catMercedesLackeyFantasy
SteadfastMercedesLackeyMcN Fantasy
Wizard of LondonMercedesLackeyFantasy
Lady Chatterley's LoverD.H. LawrenceFiction
Black as he's paintedNgaioMarshFiction
Clutch of constablesNgaioMarshFiction
Dead waterNgaioMarshLP Mystery
Death of a foolNgaioMarshFiction
Died in the woolNgaioMarshLP Mystery
Grave mistakeNgaioMarshMysteryLP Fiction
House of EliottJean MarshFictionLP Fiction
Light thickensNgaioMarshFiction
Photo finishNgaioMarshFiction
Scales of justiceNgaioMarshFiction
Singing in the shroudsNgaioMarshFiction
Tied up in tinselNgaioMarshFiction
When in RomeNgaioMarshFiction
After the armistice ballCatriona McPhersonLP Mystery
Dandy Gilver and a bothersome number of corpsesCatriona McPhersonMystery
Dandy Gilver and an unsuitable day for a murderCatriona McPhersonMystery
Dandy Gilver and the proper treatment of bloodstainsCatriona McPhersonMystery
Love in a Cold ClimateNancyMitfordFiction
House at RivertonKateMortonFictionLP Fiction
Death at DartmoorRobinPaigeMystery
Presumption of DeathJillPatron WalshMysteryLP Mystery
Angels in the gloomAnnePerryMysteryLP Mystery
At some disputed barricadeAnnePerryMysteryLP Mystery
No graves as yetAnnePerryMysteryLP Mystery
Shoulder the skyAnnePerryMystery
We shall not sleepAnnePerryLP Mystery
Ape who guards the balanceElizabethPetersMystery
Children of the stormElizabethPetersMysteryLP Mystery
Deeds of the disturberElizabethPetersMystery
Falcon at the portalElizabethPetersMystery
Golden oneElizabethPetersLP Mystery
Guardian of the horizonElizabethPetersMystery
He shall thunder in the skyElizabethPetersMysteryLP Mystery
Hippopotamus poolElizabethPetersMystery
Last camel died at noonElizabethPetersMysteryLP Mystery
Lion in the valleyElizabethPetersMysteryLP Mystery
Lord of the silentElizabethPetersMystery
Mummy caseElizabethPetersMystery
River in the skyElizabethPeters[BK CD] MYSTERY
Serpent on the crownElizabethPeters[BK CD] MYSTERY
Snake, crocodile and the dogElizabethPetersMysteryLP Mystery
Tomb of the golden birdElizabethPetersMysteryLP Mystery
All Quiet on The Western FrontErich MariaRemarqueFictionWWI
Clouds of witness : and The unpleasantness at the Bellona ClubDorothySayersMystery
Five red herringsDorothySayersFictionLP Mystery
Gaudy nightDorothySayers[BK CD] MYSTERY
Hangman's holidayDorothySayersFiction
Have his CarcaseDorothySayersMystery
In the teeth of the evidenceDorothySayersLP Fiction
Lord Peter : a collection of all the Lord Peter Wimsey storiesDorothySayersMystery
Lord Peter views the bodyDorothySayersMystery
Murder must advertiseDorothySayersMystery
Strong poisonDorothySayersMystery
DraculaBramStokerFictionLP Fiction
Long shadowCharlesToddLP Mystery
Among the madJacquelineWinspearMystery
Birds of a featherJacquelineWinspearMystery
Elegy for EddieJacquelineWinspearMysteryLP Fiction
Lesson in secretsJacquelineWinspearMystery
Maisie DobbsJacquelineWinspearLP Fiction
Mapping of love and deathJacquelineWinspearMystery
Messenger of truthJacquelineWinspearMysteryLP Mystery
Pardonable liesJacquelineWinspearFiction
Jeeves and the tie that bindsP.G.WodehouseFiction
Right ho, JeevesP.G.Wodehouse[BK CD] Fiction
Thank you JeevesP.G.Wodehouse[BK CD] Fiction
Servants: A Downstairs History of Britain from the Nineteenth Century to Modern TimesLucyLethbridge331.76164094
Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey EmmaRowley791.4572
True crime files of Sir Arthur Conan DoyleSir ConanDoyle364.941DOY
Amy Vanderbilt book of EttiquetteNancyTuckerman395AMY
At HomeBillBryson643.1BRY
Titled AmericansElisabethKehoe920 KEH
To end all wars : a story of loyalty and rebellion, 1914-1918940.341HOC
Seven Pillars of WisdomT.E.Lawrence940.4L
Duchess of WindsorMichaelBloch941.084B
Lady Almina and the Real Downton AbbeyCountess ofCarvarvon942.271CAR


TitleCall #
Triumph of Sherlock Holmes[DVD] MYSTERY TRI
All Quiet on the Western Front[DVD] FICTION ALL
Body in the library[DVD] MYSTERY AGA MIS
Dorothy L. Sayers mysteries[DVD] MYSTERY DOR
Jeeves and Wooster[DVD] FICTION JEE
Lord Peter Wimsey[DVD] MYSTERY LOR
Murder is announced[DVD] MYSTERY AGA MIS
Pocket full of rye[DVD] MYSTERY AGA MIS
Remains of the Day[DVD] FICTION REM
Sherlock Holmes collection[DVD] MYSTERY SHE
Upstairs/Downstairs[DVD] FICTION UPS
World's most famous detectives, Volume 4[DVD] MYSTERY SHE


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