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Spring Computer Classes

Here is the list of the computer courses we will be offering this spring.  We’re adding two new courses, Advanced Email and Advanced Word!

Computers 101: This class is targeted for beginning computer users.  It will provide basic instruction on what a computer is, how to use a mouse and keyboard, and about the Windows XP environment.

Internet Basics:  This class will provide an overview of the internet including searching Google and using the BC Library Website.

Email Basics: We will be exploring Google’s Gmail.  This course will cover how to get an email address, how to send an email, replying & forwarding messages, adding attachments, and other features of Gmail.

Advanced Email: This class will cover things like how to organize your email, settings, filters, uploading and downloading attachments.

Word Processing with Microsoft Word: In this class we will cover things like how to create documents, format and edit text, adjust margins, and save, print, and open files.

Advanced Word: This course will cover things like how to create, use, and edit styles, the picture toolbar, headers and footers, and some page layout tools.


Computers 101

Jan 12 at 1:30

Feb 23 at 1:30

March 27 at 6:30

Internet Basics

Jan 17 at 6:30

March 22 at 1:30

April 10 at 6:30

Email Basics

Jan 26 at 1:30

Feb 28 at 6:30

April 19 at 1:30

Advanced Email

Jan 31 at 6:30

March 8 at 1:30

April 24 at 6:30

Word Processing with Microsoft Word

Feb 9 at 1:30

March 13 at 6:30

May 3 at 1:30

Advanced Word

Feb 14 at 6:30

April 5 at 1:30

May 17 at 1:30


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